Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My shop-made tool set

I made this little set of carving tools. I was needing some really tiny ones, so I decided to make them. I used allen wrenches for the chisels and needles for the gouges. I am hoping to use the tools for making a giveaway, having passed 100 followers. Stay tuned!

This is what the backs look like.

 I used two different sizes of allen wrenches. First I put the end in a vise and slowly, carefully pushed to "unbend" it  some. I covered it with my jacket because I was afraid it would snap, and I was much less afraid once I couldn't see it :) Then I ground the profiles.

The assortment is two sizes of straight chisels, one ground on top, one on the bottom. Then I made a skew.

This picture shows the different sweeps on the gouges. The needles I used have a little dip around the eye and I snipped the eye off with a wirecutter and then made the dip deeper and longer with a diamond cutter in my Dremel. Then I ground the edges.

I love the grip I have on these tools.

Here they are in action.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

OOOOPS sorry....

I am so sorry I forgot to put the price of the ducks on my website! DUH!!! It was very late and I was struggling with a very glitchy HTML editor...I built my own site... off to fix it right now. Thank you for your understanding---

Now in season!

A huge welcome and a sincere thank you to the new followers of this blog!

Pin tail drake decoy

Catherine's post about the pin tail duck has generated a good amount of interest in my carved wood decoys.
Thank you for the emails I've received in the past few days.

Black duck drake decoy

I am currently researching European antique accessories, exploring new techniques to carve/create them, making new tools, and will be sharing what I've come up with soon.

Bluewing Teal drake decoy

It is not necessary to email me concerning the availability of the decoys. I've added them to my website with the option to buy. You may purchase them at
Mallard drake decoy
 Every duck is individually hand carved and hand painted- one of a kind -and may vary slightly.
Again--thank you!