Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Everyone needs a friend :)

There is a recurring theme with the new animals I've been making. Togetherness. There are mamas with babies, whole families, or just buddies. Here are two little Doxies. One is a boy and the other is a girl.

This one is the girl.

And the little boy.

Hand carved wood, 1:12 scale. Painted then furred.

Complete with toenails and paw pads.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Woodland critters

I've been having fun making some little woodland critters. Hand carved wood then furred, 1:12 scale.
Well, furring is pretty mind numbing, but the carving is fun :)

I love this little squirrel, I may make a friend for him.

And a little bunny....

And two chipmunks.

It would appear my sciatica has moved North....It is in my neck now, making working on these critters very difficult. Like sciatica runs down your leg, this is the exact same pain only in my neck, running down my arm and my index finger is numb. Like the freezing below zero isn't bad enough......
I've been hanging on my inversion table I got for the original sciatica. Helps for a bit, but not long before it is bad again.........
To end on an up note, the weather is warming up gradually to our January thaw on Thursday. Melt the piles of snow. My car is stuck down the driveway, I can go fetch it soon.