Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I'm on a table roll!

I had so much fun doing the English tea table that I was inspired to do another table. I love the cabriole legs and I knew that French tables have a similar shape. I really can't say this is a French table because I was not copying anything. What I really need are good photos of a French table from all angles to make a copy in  miniature. 

This is a whole new type of carving for me and I am really enjoying the experience.
This table is hand carved from cherry wood.

This table is up on ebay:

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Tea table with ball and claw feet

I found myself needing a nice little table to display my pipe box for my ebay listing. So I decided to make one. I chose a Queen Anne tea table. It is carved from cherry wood and is "home grown" as a friend nearby cut some trees and gave me a bunch of beautiful wood.

After researching these tables, I drew up my plan. 
I love cutting cabriole legs, and carving them was alot of fun.

I drew my pattern on the wood then cut them out on my scroll saw. I make a template out of thin wood to transfer the leg pattern to the blank.

It's so fun after the last cut to "unwrap" the leg. Like finding a prize in a cracker jack. Here are all 4 legs, they came out real nice right off the saw!  I was pleased.

I used my home made tools for this project, but what was my favorite tool? I made it from a hypodermic needle!

The lip or edge on the table top was made by routing the profile on a strip of wood, then ripping it on the table saw. I use my Dremel saw for the ripping.

Then I made a jig for my little Jarmac saw to miter the ends. This jig is very accurate and everything went smoothly.

The ball and claw feet were my favorite, since I am an animal carver.

I used Michael Walton's finishing kit on the table. It is wonderful!