Sunday, May 11, 2014

"Bronze" statue lamp is hand carved wood

I really wanted to carve a statue lamp. I was looking at pictures when it dawned on me, right in my bedroom on the nightstand it the most wonderful special lamp of all! It was my grandfather's lamp. It came from the Worlds Fair in the early 30's. What better a subject to carve :)

Here she is in my hand. It was alot of fun, and equally fun was turning the lamp fixture from brass and aging it. I even turned the tiny screw that holds the lamp shade in place and threaded it. The corresponding hole is also threaded. This lamp is fully functional. It was nerve wracking to drill through it for the cord! But I managed to get it done.

Here is the side view detail. The inset shows her lighted. I carved her from Jelutong. Then I applied a dark brown oil paint. I  used oil paint because the finger gilding top layer was oil base. I used gold and bronze .

I made this roombox (well, two walls) for photography purposes, here is the lamp in the setting. It is completely scratch built. I made the fireplace section by section.. I cut all the molding strips
 Here is the roombox:

The floor is solid cherry. I ate cherries from this tree! When it was cut down I brought the log home, dried it and milled down little boards. It has perfect in scale grain and knots.