Sunday, December 22, 2013

Kitten drawing

I bought a set of watercolor pencils and even though I did not use them with water for this drawing, I just wanted to see what they were all about. Next time I can use them in a whole different way. For this kitten I just wanted to draw with them as colored pencils.

This is the size. He is a thank you gift for a friend.


Here is an update on my little lemon tree:

He's got his first leaves :)

Friday, December 6, 2013

Oh happy day!

I have been trying for two months to sprout a lemon tree from a seed. My grandfather grew them, and I saw this posting on how to do it, so I went and bought a lemon.....It didn't have any seeds! I thought...... monsanto.......yeah yeah.....I could not find an organic lemon, bought another one and it had a seed in it! Oh seed......what are the odds...... well it got to the point where I didn't even bother to turn the grow light on any more. (I know.....a watched pot...) Tonight just for the heck of it, I looked in the pot (it said to put a plastic breathable cover on it like a little greenhouse, I couldn't see through it) and......

LOOK!!!! There he is :) :) I had totally given up.

A little sproutling!!!!! I could not believe my eyes!!!
Off to bed now, a happy new mama!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I'm on a table roll!

I had so much fun doing the English tea table that I was inspired to do another table. I love the cabriole legs and I knew that French tables have a similar shape. I really can't say this is a French table because I was not copying anything. What I really need are good photos of a French table from all angles to make a copy in  miniature. 

This is a whole new type of carving for me and I am really enjoying the experience.
This table is hand carved from cherry wood.

This table is up on ebay:

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Tea table with ball and claw feet

I found myself needing a nice little table to display my pipe box for my ebay listing. So I decided to make one. I chose a Queen Anne tea table. It is carved from cherry wood and is "home grown" as a friend nearby cut some trees and gave me a bunch of beautiful wood.

After researching these tables, I drew up my plan. 
I love cutting cabriole legs, and carving them was alot of fun.

I drew my pattern on the wood then cut them out on my scroll saw. I make a template out of thin wood to transfer the leg pattern to the blank.

It's so fun after the last cut to "unwrap" the leg. Like finding a prize in a cracker jack. Here are all 4 legs, they came out real nice right off the saw!  I was pleased.

I used my home made tools for this project, but what was my favorite tool? I made it from a hypodermic needle!

The lip or edge on the table top was made by routing the profile on a strip of wood, then ripping it on the table saw. I use my Dremel saw for the ripping.

Then I made a jig for my little Jarmac saw to miter the ends. This jig is very accurate and everything went smoothly.

The ball and claw feet were my favorite, since I am an animal carver.

I used Michael Walton's finishing kit on the table. It is wonderful! 

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Who doesn't love a puppy?

These mischievous little puppies have gotten into the puppy chow and dog biscuits! 
They are hand carved hand painted wood and of no particular scale. They range in size from 7/16" to 13/16". They are looking to be adopted. They are available in my ETSY shop
Each little puppy comes in his or her own little kibble box.
Basset Hound


Border Collie

German Shepherd

Yellow Lab

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


HUH????? I am SO sorry to everyone who commented and got the notice that your comment was awaiting moderation. I HAVE NEVER set my blog for moderation- NEVER- and since about half the comments got through, it is not consistent. I don't use the word verification either.
   A huge THANK YOU to Debora for calling this nightmare to my attention. Turns out this actually goes back to February! I would never ignore anyone, your comments are SO appreciated, it is a thrill to read them :) To have this happen is unbelievable........ So sad....I feel sick......I had no idea....
   I clicked on "comments" to check my settings, and just for the heck of it I clicked on "awaiting moderation" .....and....there they all were...... I am SOOO sorry, I so highly value each and every one of my followers and treasure your comments.  Google sure screwed this up for me......
   Thank you all for following my blog and for taking the time to comment, I will check that moderation link daily even though I do not have the moderation or verification enabled. What is the point of having settings if it does whatever it wants to anyway........

I have just read 45 comments spanning several months that I never knew I had... I am overwhelmed by all of these kind words... THANK YOU SO MUCH :)

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Shop-made belt sander

I've built another tool. This is just a small one, a belt sander using a drill as the motor. I saw the plans in one of my "The Scale Cabinetmaker" magazines. I would have to say that these instructions were probably the most challenging to decipher (meaning it wasn't written too well in my opinion.) But having a knowledge of building tools I was able to overcome the deficiencies...and I have drills coming out of my ears :) 

This beautiful old craftsman was rescued from the trash. 
I bought the drill stand some 25+ years ago when I had the idea to make a lathe using a drill as the motor. I never got around to it, and luckily I knew where I put the stand.

I did not have to make the top hood/shield because it came with the drill stand, what luck! Oh, and the little table is from one of my bench grinders, I made a jig for sharpening, so this tool rest was up for grabs.

Here is a closer view:

This is a really cool little machine because of the tracking and tensioning systems. 

This is the belt tracking system. It consists of a bolt with flats ground on the end, and that fits into a larger sleeve. There is a pivot pin soldered in the middle. To track the belt, you just loosen the lower screw and then move the top screw in or out depending on which way the belt wants to wander. HA! It really works :)

The spring is the tensioning system. The rod is threaded with a wing nut and you tighten it for more tension on the belt. The little table "borrowed" from my grinder is fully adjustable.

I was very lucky to acquire a full set of Scale Cabinetmaker magazines in pristine condition, and I don't dare dog-ear the pages. I put bookmarks of everything I'm interested in and make copies in a binder, take it down into the shop and have a "book" of projects I want to do.

I know some of you have expressed that when I talk about tools your eyes glaze over, but this is an important part of me and my miniature business, being able to fill a need. Necessity is the mother of invention as they say. Some plans are my own, others are not. I love building tools and jigs.