Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fellow submission pieces

These are the 5 pieces I submitted to IGMA for Fellow evaluation. They represent 4 different scales 1:12; 1:24; 1:48; and 1:6. I also represented many different textures- hair, feathers, shell.
(I believe if you right click > open in a new tab, the pictures enlarge)
Following are some in progress shots:

The gorilla 1:24 scale
1) The first step is to gather the subject matter, the photos. I have been tearing out animal pictures since I was twelve years old. I always refer to my good old World Book encyclopedia, and of course now we have google.
2) Having decided on a sitting pose, and gathering sitting photos, I do a measured drawing. 
3) I then transfer my drawing to a block of wood. The wood I use is Jelutong.
4) The next step is to cut the blank. I use my scroll saw.
5) Then the fun begins! Start carving and watch the gorilla emerge. 
6) When I've finally freed her from just a block of wood, it is time to paint her. I use good artist grade acrylic.

The Camel 1:48 scale

The Spotted owl 1:12 scale
It was alot of (maddening) fun to carve each feather!

The Box turtle 1:6 scale
I love these little guys. I am always stopping the car to get them out of the road, put them on the other side...cuz that's where they were going!

The dog 1:12 scale
This is a little yellow Lab mix.

Each piece was carefully chosen and carved specifically for this endeavor. I am honored to have been selected.

Monday, May 7, 2012

IGMA Fellow announcement

I've just heard the news!!!
I am thrilled and honored to have been selected a Fellow in the International Guild of Miniature Artisans!