Sunday, August 13, 2017

Nature is so beautiful

Some pictures of butterflies in my zinnias. The flowers they chose are not in their prime, but still beautiful.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Too wonderful not to share!

Again, not miniature, but this is a beautiful story! I took a picture of this bumble bee in a zinnia. No big deal...but I got to thinking he didn't look too well. I remembered something I'd seen on Facebook that if you see a bee like this, you should immediately get him some sugar water to revive him. So I got a capful out of the hummingbird feeder and put it in front of him. He immediately started drinking, it was SO interesting to watch this. I'm trying to hold still for him, and he finally had his fill. Now for the beautiful part. This sweet little bumble bee walked up onto my hand and every time I tried to put him back in a flower, he would not let me! I'd get him into a flower and before I could move away, he was back on my hand! The sweet little guy was thanking me! I know he was....
Eventually he flew off and I was very happy for him. We need our bees. Every one is important. Plus it is so cool to help another creature :)