Thursday, May 3, 2018

My table at the Chicago show

Thought I would post pictures of my table at the Chicago show last week. I am very pleased at how the new lighting set up worked out. Here is a close up:

I made the arm that the track slides into. It was cumbersome to cut it out on the band saw. I put cross pieces between the two sides to stabilize it which became a perfect spot to hang a photo of my IGMA pieces and "The Story Of Miracle Chicken" I think it looked totally cool! And it was perfectly straight! I thought I'd be shimming for sure.
Here are close ups of the various sections of work. After all this is a miniature blog. Kinda hard to tell with all the snow and ice we had :)

This is my room box, built as a setting to take photos, but works well to display minis at a show. I have hand made working lamps turned from brass and acrylic; a fire screen, turned, carved and painted in oil; scratch built tables and mama cat playing with her kitten. Here is a close up:

A shot of my oil paintings, with a hand carved Ash Hitty doll in the foreground.

Miniature chip-carving, "antique" trays and a chest, with hand made hardware. Oh and another fire screen, carved and painted in oil.

I really enjoyed carving and painting these duck decoys. It was therapeutic at a time I really needed it.

Same with these tool sets, very therapeutic. Once I started I couldn't stop! Real chisels in a tool box with a real leather strop and a turned mallet. To the right is a sea captain's chest. 

My furred critters. Hand carved wood.

Hand carved toothpicks and match sticks. To the right is carved stone.

This is a fun outdoor scene called Autumn Harvest. The tractor is wonderfully aged and dirtied by Scott Hughes and there is my beloved little Miracle Chicken! The girl is chasing her, which is exactly how we looked when Miracle would take off after a grasshopper and me being such a "mother hen" never letting her more than arms length away, would jump up to chase her!

And with that, I have to say that perhaps the sun has set on this blog. I'm thinking of deleting it. Over the next few weeks I am going to give it serious thought.  Google doesn't make it easy to want to stay either. Things keep changing, one day Feedjit works, the next it is gone....and I can NEVER see my followers list. Only on my phone. I think every site is gearing towards mobile.