Sunday, May 11, 2014

"Bronze" statue lamp is hand carved wood

I really wanted to carve a statue lamp. I was looking at pictures when it dawned on me, right in my bedroom on the nightstand it the most wonderful special lamp of all! It was my grandfather's lamp. It came from the Worlds Fair in the early 30's. What better a subject to carve :)

Here she is in my hand. It was alot of fun, and equally fun was turning the lamp fixture from brass and aging it. I even turned the tiny screw that holds the lamp shade in place and threaded it. The corresponding hole is also threaded. This lamp is fully functional. It was nerve wracking to drill through it for the cord! But I managed to get it done.

Here is the side view detail. The inset shows her lighted. I carved her from Jelutong. Then I applied a dark brown oil paint. I  used oil paint because the finger gilding top layer was oil base. I used gold and bronze .

I made this roombox (well, two walls) for photography purposes, here is the lamp in the setting. It is completely scratch built. I made the fireplace section by section.. I cut all the molding strips
 Here is the roombox:

The floor is solid cherry. I ate cherries from this tree! When it was cut down I brought the log home, dried it and milled down little boards. It has perfect in scale grain and knots. 


  1. I really love your lamp....your are such an artist, it is beautiful work. While looking at your lamp I was admiring the room box, then you delighted me by including in your post a full size photo of it.....all gorgeous!!! The decanter of wine is a lovely all looks perfect.

  2. Stunning work Linda, and it looks so beautiful against the pale background of the room box.
    May I ask, how do you mill the logs into boards? My Mum has given me chunks of a pear tree, but I have no idea where to start.

  3. This lamp is stunning work, Linda! Your roombox is beautiful with the cherry floor, it has such warmth. It is perfect into scale.
    I am curious for your answer on Pepper's question.....
    Kind regards, Ilona

  4. The lamp is wonderful. I can imagine how scary it would have been drilling a hole through it after all that work.

  5. Hello Linda,
    I am amazed and in pure awe of your skills. the lamp is so detailed and just incredible. Well done! the roombox is also lovely and a great way to photograph your work.
    Big hug,

  6. Your new room is gorgeous Linda. Even more impressive it the fact you milled all the wood for it yourself.

    The lamp is great. Your caving skills are amazing. The finish makes it look just like bronze.

  7. Great sculpture! I am very impressed by the roombox! Even more so from the floor being so personal to you! Awesome!

  8. A huge heart felt thank you :)
    To answer the milling question, when I brought the log home, it was early 1990's. I had a table saw, and very little knowledge/ skill. But I devised a jig to run in the table saw miter slot. It consisted of a bed with a fence and a slot in the fence for a front and rear piece of wood with 2 nails filed to a point, to pinch the log. (I cut a manageable 6" piece of log... I can't do this without pictures.) I made the sliding fence so that when I sliced off a thin piece, I slid the fence up and cut more off, very inaccurate. Nowadays I have devised a much better jig that involves my band saw. I would be happy to answer questions with pictures and descriptions to anyone who is interested in milling down wood from little logs, just leave a comment with email or write to ....cuz I know this is clear as mud :) :) haha

  9. Oh, Linda! Like the scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz, I think I missed you most of all! WOW! WOW! WOW! Your lamp is purely magnificent. The fact that it has such a sentimental attachment makes it all the more special.

    BTW, your warming box remains the most popular item in Merriman Park. Whenever I show it off, people just PLOTZ! They can't believe it.

    I'm impressed by your room box --you needed a suitably fabby backdrop for all your exquisite creations!


  10. Oh John I've missed you so much! Thank you for this wonderful comment :)
    Keep in touch my friend----

  11. Здравствуйте, Линда!
    Фантастическая работа! Я под большим впечатлением! Вы владеете прекрасным искусством!
    С уважением

  12. Wow, Linda, this is beau-ti-ful! This is another stunning piece from your hand, I love it! And I can only imagine how nervewrenching it must have been to drill the hole... The look of the bronzed wood is fantastic! And I very much like your corner, very sophisticated, so much better than my quickly dressed wooden boxes :)