Sunday, October 9, 2011

Trick or Treat!

This kitty is going out as Puss-n-Boots for Halloween!
I'm going to show you how I carved him:
First I found some pictures and drew my pattern on a piece of wood. (Jelutong; grain running vertical)
I've cut the wood to size on my band saw.
Then I rough it out on the scroll saw. This stage is sometimes called a "single profile blank".
 I've started carving, I have to be very careful, as his hat has gotten dangerously thin. You can see light shining through!
I'm almost finished with the carving. I have to be very mindful of the tail and cape at all times. So easy to break off. And of course, that thin hat with it's feather.
I've sanded the finished carving and now he's ready for paint.
He's done! I made the sword from metal.


  1. just amazing! You truly have a talent

  2. Linda, He is so wonderful. Thank you for the photo's of your work in progress. It is very interesting! You are so talented!

  3. génial , ce que vous faites , j'ai aussi fait "un chat botté" mais en sculpey et laine ,je vous invite à venir le voir sur mon blog .