Sunday, November 13, 2011

Canada geese

This is a 1:12 scale hand carved hand painted wood depiction of a scene that played out many times at the farm where I worked for 6 years as caretaker. I never missed one day, ever, I had to be there for the animals. In late winter and early spring, the Canada geese moms would pick there spot for their nests. I would take a bucket of corn to each nest to make sure they got fed. As a result we all got to be great friends. They totally trusted me. This one mama made her nest right in a wide open field. I wasn't happy about it but daddy was right there to protect her. Well one day, I was exhausted so I went out to the field to take a break and sit with her. As soon as I sat down, she stood up. Out from her nest tumbled two freshly hatched peeps! They ran right up to me! Then I kid you not, they climbed into my lap!!! I did not put them there. I asked mama if this was ok and she said yes! As though she needed a break too. It was magical. I looked around. Nobody was there. I thought "oh great no-one will ever believe me". Just then I realized I carried a small disposable camera in my fanny pack. I very slowly unzipped it and took out the camera. I leaned way back and got these pictures!
Then I started to worry that mama wouldn't take them back. Well as if on cue, they scrambled back to her! It was such a wonderful experience! Thank you mama, you made my day.


  1. Linda,

    What a wonderful story!!! I just loved it!. You obviously have a way with animals for this to have been able to happen. I can't imagine a Canadian goose allowing such a thing. It is so wonderful that you were able to capture those moments in pictures.

    Your carved geese are nothing short of perfect. They are absolutely beautiful!!!

  2. That is such a great story! It makes the carved version so much more special. =)