Sunday, August 12, 2012

Magical nuthouse!

Oh lucky day!!! I received this absolutely stunning nut house from dear friend Catherine! Her blog is There are many pictures of this piece as well as all her nut houses on her blog. The workmanship is not to be believed, the incredible detail will just blow you away. I just sit and stare.....This is the most beautiful amazing piece I've ever seen.

Check out this detail. The tiny perfect eggs in their little acorn nest. Little did I know when I was finding these tiny acorns on the road where I walk what Catherine was planning for them :) Oh yeah they came back home- in a way I never could have imagined!!

The second floor has tiny furnishing! Including a tiny vase with flowers on the table!!! Have I mentioned my mind is completely blown??? The top floor is an aviary. Sweet! I love birds. This piece is all about my love of birds.  Thank you Catherine, you are 
amazing ((( {:>= )))


  1. Catherine es una artista.
    Tu también eres una artista
    Ese regalo es una maravilla, que lo disfrutes.
    Un abrazo
    GRACIAS por no tener palabra de verificación

  2. Amazing! More pictures~please?!

    1. Seems I forgot to add the text link to Catherine's blog. There are many more pictures there as well as all her nut houses and other great miniatures :) It's added now and I made it blue, another thing I forgot I could do...

  3. Una auténtica obra de arte. Felicidades y que lo disfrutes!!!

  4. es un verdadera belleza



  5. A hugely fun piece, great sense of imagination and beautifully executed. You are a lucky woman to have such a good friend.

  6. YES!!!! Love them to bits!! Her nuthouses are truly works of art!!

  7. Oooh linda, that is just fantastic! This one is sooo cute and adorable too. I was blown away a few months ago when i won the nuthouse give a way. The way you describe your joy and awe is so recognizable! Over the moon, gobsmacked and speechless, yes. I'm so happy for you, as you have a weak spot for pieces like these; what a treat!!!