Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Carved pipe box

This is a copy of a 1700's pipe box. It is chip-carved from cherry and has two compartments for holding tobacco. Tiny knobs I turned from brass. 

The pipes are hand carved from African black wood, pear and brass.

They come in light or dark stain and are available on my website:


  1. Hello Linda,
    Absolutely wonderful. Each time I see a new post I am in awe of your greats kill. It is very inspiring and reminds me I have a lot to learn.
    Big hug,

  2. Amazing as always! Whenever I see a new post from you I know it's going to be a treat for the miniaturist's eyes!

  3. The carving is wonderfull and even though I don't smoke I really like it!

  4. Stunning.....absolutely stunning!!!!

  5. The pipe box is so unique! I have never seen one like it before. I LOVE it and the carving on it!!! Those are the most detailed pipes I have ever seen. AND another plus... They don't stink up the house. LOL

  6. Linda, you are producing some incredibly fantastic pieces, of late. I can't get over your supreme attention to detail. Another superb creation for your growing inventory!

  7. Que maravillas Linda!
    Tienes mucho arte!
    Un abrazo

  8. un trabajo impresionante



  9. Miniature pipes! Im smiling from ear to ear as they are sooooo unusual. But not just that, they are perfect. I can almost smell 'm as my Grand dad used to smoke pipe :))) I poked the picture to see 'm up close and they are truly magnificent. And the box to keep 'm in is just the same. You have such an imaginative brain and the design on it is so fitting too.

  10. Very impressive! How did you manage to sculpt them in such a tiny scale? They are just perfect! :)
    Wish you a lovely weekend, and big big hugs from Sweden! :)

  11. Hello Linda!
    Although already said, I will echo the sentiment that your "Pipe Box and Pipes" are truly stunning! Your carving talents are amazing.....
    Good wishes from Ray

  12. I thank you all for these nice comments. Thank you for following and for looking and of course for commenting! It is very much appreciated---

  13. What wonderful work.So glad I have found your site. Do admire your exhaust system for the thickness planer.
    Regards Janine