Thursday, July 31, 2014

The lamp kick continues!

I am having so much fun making lamps! These are the new ones, 1:12 scale.

The first two I put a patina. I turned the brass on all three, and turned the shade on the first one from acrylic. The second shade was found in my stash, I had to carefully drill a hole in it. I painted the floral shade. And the base on it is hand carved cherry.

These two I made everything but the chimneys. Again, turned brass and acrylic, hand carved cherry base on the right. And they all are electrified.


  1. So adorable and to think they work! I never knew you could turn brass!

  2. un gran trabajo



  3. Beautiful work. Love the hand carved cherry base.

  4. Absolutely stunning, they are little works of art, just beautiful.
    All the best and take care

  5. You are on a roll! Love the patina ageing on the brass lamps. I can't quite get me head around how you can paint so finely on a curved surface. So talented and it looks awesome =0)

  6. Wow, these are amazing!! I'm sure they were a lot of work to make but I'm sure when you see the finished result it's work every hour :D Looking forward to seeing more of them!!

  7. Hello Linda,
    You always blow me away with your skill! These are gorgeous and so well made. they look incredibly realistic and beautiful!
    Big hug,

  8. they are gorgeous Linda! I would love to watch you turn those shades. I can't believe how you had managed to turn the insides as nicely as you have the outside shape. You did a beautiful job painting the flowers on the shade.

  9. I've been perusing your amazing blog tonight, and I'm in awe of your incredible talent!

  10. I love them all, you are too clever!

  11. Your lamps are great and I understand you love making them. Although the work is quite a bit, doing all the parts yourself! Very well done, I've said it before and I'll say it again: is there anything you can't do? Not only that, you do everything so very well!