Sunday, October 19, 2014

My vacation

That's right, it's Kilmouski! A more gorgeous sweet cat I've never met :) 
He is also incredibly smart and so much fun!

I'll start off by saying I haven't been away anywhere since 1978. A trip was long overdue, and I can't think of a better vacation than going to visit dear friend and fellow blogger Catherine.  Wow it was almost a 12 hour drive! But I was just fine because I took a box full of my favorite music and just jammed the whole way! It was actually fun, grueling but fun.

The trip to Repair Days at the National Ornamental Metals Museum was very interesting. 

We got to watch molten iron poured into molds. Here is a picture:

Not a bad pic for a crummy little cell phone. I had forgotten my good camera that day, oh well...

Catherine seems to have picked up a hitch-hiker haha!

The neighborhood where she lives is situated around a beautiful private lake. I took these pictures:

Same shot zoomed in:

It was a very nice trip. Thank you to Catherine and Kilmouski for the wonderful hospitality :)

And then another 12 hours back home...


  1. How exciting to get to meet Kilmouski in the flesh - or should that be 'in the fur'?? - and of course wonderful to meet and spend time with Catherine. The repair day event looks really fascinating too. All in all worth the long drive - although from an Australian perspective 12 hours is just a short trip up the road ;)

  2. Wow, 12 hours? That's a long drive O-o
    Great photos and it looked like you had a great ime. Well deserved I think after waiting 36 years for a vacation! =0)

  3. It is great you and Catherine shared some time together and that Repair Day sounds fascinating. Wow 12 hour trip - must have been nice to have been greeted by Catherine and Kilmouski at the other end though.

  4. Wow 12 hours is a long drive, especially on your own, bravo! Yes I think a holiday was due, glad you three enjoyed yourselves.

  5. Both lucky ladies and I am sure it was worth the long drive.

  6. ...most of all... both uber talented !!

  7. Hello Linda,
    I'm glad you enjoyed your vacation. what a beautiful area and it looks like you had a lot of fun and interesting things to enjoy.
    Big hug,

  8. Hi Linda, it seems you both had a great time, but it was so well deserved after that long drive and also because you haven't had any vacation for so long!! Catherine lives in a wonderful area, thanks for sharing these gorgeous pictures.
    Kind regards, Ilona

  9. Great photos Linda. I just wish you didn't live so far away. We could have so much fun if you were closer.

  10. The pictures are really cool! I am so glad you got a chance to get away and visit a great friend! I hope you had a great time. Nothing like driving and jamming to your favorites. Don't wait so long next time. I think you deserve the fun! :-)

  11. Hi Linda! I'm trying to catch up (starting with my top blogs) and all the furry little friends and animals you've been making are fabulously cute. What a craftsmanship! Most of all I'm blown away with the soul you manage to put into them as they have grown from out of your hands!

    Something I noticed straight away when I was fortunate to see your 5 Fellow pieces on display in Castine, a couple of years ago. What a treat!!! And it just showed nothing beats seeing the real thing for yourself. Just like it is to meet up with internet friends!

    I'm so happy, for the both of you, you created the opportunity to meet!!! For sure it was a blast and your bond is even stronger.