Monday, August 31, 2015

My latest piece

A smooth hair tri-color fox terrier. He is hand carved, painted then fur applied.

With every attention to detail. Even the roof of his mouth it detailed! Toes with nails, paw pads. Very life filled eyes.

Anatomically correct male. Two of the previous three fox terriers I've carved, custom orders of people's dog from their photos, had the one ear up. So I  decided to do this one's ears the same.

On ebay this week.


  1. Hello Linda,
    He is fantastic. He looks so alive! You have really achieved an incredible level of realism...but then again, you always do!
    Big hug,

  2. Oh my Linda, he is just stunning. As Giac said, he has such a lively look about him. Fantastic work, as always =0)

  3. Esta perfecto, es precioso.
    Un abrazo

  4. How sweet!! Your dog is beautiful!!! I love it.♥♥ I looked trough your last post and I am just amazed. You have great talent !!!!♥ I decided to follow your blog. It will be very nice if you visit my blog and follow too. :)

  5. wow Linda, that is one beautiful dog! I can't believe those eyes, so alive! And the mouth and nose, etc etc. Love it!

  6. He is very cute! Beautifully made. His eyes have such life in them.