Monday, November 16, 2015


I have been busy making tables. I will be taking these to Chicago. This first one is an Irish George II carved tea table circa 1750. (All three tables are 1:12 scale, scratch built, hand carved cherry). Carved knees, ball and claw feet, scallop apron. The real one was made with the shell a separate piece so I did mine that way. I found pictures of this and scaled it down as opposed to finding plans (like below table 2). I took some in progress shots.

Legs cut and mortised.

Dry fit.

Working on the carving.


This next tea table has candle slides and slipper feet.

Here is a blurb that came with the plans. (The plans were of a full sized table which I scaled down to 1:12th.)
"In Colonial America, prior to Paul Revere’s famous midnight ride, colonists adopted many of the lifestyles of English citizens. Tea tables came into vogue in the early 1700's." 

Some in progress shots:

Here we see the side aprons cut and slotted for the candle slides and supports.

Here the slides and supports are in place. The knee returns are still rough.

Here I've put the two little nails (the full size plans said put 2 brass screws) so the slides aren't pulled all the way out. This was quite the conundrum. Like the mind teaser of the chicken, the corn and the fox. What to take across the river so one does not get eaten. My problem was figuring if you put the nails in, you can't get them in the slots. If you put the fronts on, you can't do the nails. I put the fronts on then I found a way to support the slides while pressing in the nails. The tray top was tricky to make. I coved the strips, then I had to rabbet them. Then I had to make the bead. Last step after the finish was to turn tiny brass knobs.


And last we have this little white French table. Don't have any more info just thought it was interesting. Carved knees and aprons, and I can't for the life of me remember what this style of feet are called! 


  1. I adore your tables.....beautiful work!!


  2. Just stunning, stunning work Linda. I love to see in-progress photos of all of the components and how they work together. I love the look of natural wood but I have to say, the French white table is my favourite. It appeals to my eclectic taste.
    I'm guessing French Cabriole for the legs/feet but I'm probably a mile off =0P

    1. Thank you Pepper, I appreciate your comments. The feet with the swirl shape is what I can't seem to remember. I'll probably wake up tomorrow and say DUH, but for now. the name totally eludes me haha---

  3. I think your tables are gorg.... very well done!!

  4. Your work is exquisite!!! I Love the little table with the candle slides... it speaks volumes about another era when light was so different from what we know! Bravo for persevering with the technical conundrums.... you have accomplished "miracles"!

  5. Linda,
    The tables are all beautiful and so well made. You have out done yourself. :-)

  6. Thanks to all I really appreciate the input and sweet comments---

  7. Wow Linda, again you've managed to make some stunning pieces! I love carved wood as do many and you've done such a wonderful job! The patina is spot on and I also think the table with the slides is awesome! It's always great when things can be pulled out, pushed or whatever, especially with miniatures :D. I'm sure you'll have great succes with them in Chicago and I can't help you with the name of the feet.., but do like them!

  8. Thank you for this wonderful feedback :)