Thursday, February 4, 2016

My home grown cherry wood

I've carved another Irish George II tea table but this time I used my own home grown cherry wood. 


I speak frequently about the little cherry tree that my neighbor cut down, the one I ate cherries from.
I took the trunk home because I loved the little tree, but I did not know at that time what was inside just waiting to live on. Perfect "in scale" grain and knots and a beautiful coloring. 

This photo shows a nice little knot.
It is so fun to cut off a piece of log, mill it down, thickness it and create a miniature piece of furniture!


  1. I already know how beautiful this is because I saw it before you put the final finish on it. In these photos it is very hard to see the GORGEOUS carving you did. I think it is because it shines now. I love the shell design in the middle. The carving on the legs is as fine as I have ever seen.
    Beautiful Linda! You won't have this one for long. About five minutes my guess on your table in Chicago.

  2. me parece sorprenderte lo que puedes hacer con la madera ,y que de un pequeño tronco seas capaz de sacar esa preciosidad , me encanta



  3. Oh!! I love it!!!!
    You are a true artist that you can turn that 'chunk' of wood into some so delight and beautiful.

  4. this is beautiful and now you will always have a piece of your cherry tree x

  5. Hello Linda,
    It is stunning. Good call keeping the really made a stunning table. your talent and skill always impress me!
    Big hug

  6. that is awesome Linda! It would have been a stunning piece already, because of your craftmanship and the wood - with the wonderful grain and knots, just gorgeous. But that you've made it from that trunk of wood makes it so much more special. So nice it's from a cherrytree you 'know'. You've done an amazing job once again, love it!

  7. Gorgeous table Linda! Your carving is beautiful. I agree with you about the grain and the knots, it only adds to the beauty of the piece.
    I do love that you're using wood from a tree which you used to eat the fruits of. I have a plum tree and an apple tree about the size of your cherry tree laying in my garden, waiting for me to cut it up and use for miniatures. I think we talked about this before...I should cut a few pieces off them and see if the wood is OK to use.

  8. i love that you were able to preserve the natural grain of the wood in this tiny piece

  9. Sorry you lost your loved cherry tree but what a beautiful item you have made from it.

  10. This piece is stunning Linda. What a gorgeous, rich colour, beautiful grain and I just love that the knot is visible in the wood. I did manage to cut some wood after you provided me with such excellent help and I have to say, it is so satisfying to see something evolve from start to finish =0)

  11. Very nice !!!! love your paintings also.


  12. Whaow. Impressive. What a lovely circle of life. Beautiful table. Wish I had the tools and skill to do this kind of work. And being Irish myself I love that connection too!!