Tuesday, September 13, 2011

1:12 scale dumpster

I made this dumpster for the back alley of my flower shop. I modeled it after the one outside the bar where I worked.  Except for the name/phone number it looks exactly like it, rusty, sloppy welds, same color.  I made it from metal. The lid opens/closes and the wheels, made from polymer clay, turn and swivel. It was so fun to make, and then I had to fill it with trash! Don't know which was more fun, making it or filling it. I also made the folding step ladder. It is functional, made from wood, modeled after the one in my basement.


  1. OMG! LOL That is just amazing. It looks exactly like a real dumpster! I love that you filled it up with garbage.

  2. BTW... yYYu didn't say anything about that wonderful ladder. Did you make it too? If you did,would you mind taking another photo of it...A close up one.

  3. Hi Catherine! Thank you! Yes I mentioned the ladder, I made it too. It folds and the little wood paint can shelf (what are those things called!!!???) goes up and down. It is exactly like the one I have in my basement.

  4. Linda,

    I hope you will take another picture of it. It's really wonderful and I would love a closer look.

    I bet you could sell lots of those.

  5. You wouldn't happen to sell these would you? Granddaughter has project on racoons - it would be perfect!

    1. I make custom requests. Just send me an email at miraclechicken@msn.com