Saturday, September 17, 2011

1:12 scale stork family

I made this family of 1:12 scale storks for my friend, Karin Corbin. They are hand carved hand painted wood. The nest is made from roots. (Again, the roots the pigs at the farm had rutted up.) That boxful I brought home is sure coming in handy! I knew it would. Wish I'd gotten more that day, but it was SO hard to rip out, knee deep in mud dodging mean pigs!
 This little guy was hard to part with! I named him 
The Li'l Peeplet.
Here's a close up of the carved feathering.
And before I painted them.


  1. These are nothing short of MAGNIFCENT!!! I can't believe how talented you are. The detail of the feathers is beautiful but you have carved them perfectly.

    Now you have to tell us what scale are they in? Are they in 1: 12 scale?

    I bet you do wish you had more of those roots. I guess you had to soak them in a bucket to get rid of all the mud. LOL

  2. Thank you Catherine! Yes they are 1:12 scale I put it in the title but I'll go back and put it in the post. My box 'o roots is almost empty nowadays...Thanks again for your most touching comment---

  3. These birds are stunning, the detail is amazing.....I am loving your work!!!!

  4. Thank you Linda!
    ((( {:> )))

  5. This family are fantastic. I love them.
    Bye Faby