Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Esmeralda and goat

This statue, Esmeralda with goat, was a custom commission. Hand carved wood with faux bronze finish. This was an exciting project because I didn't have **a picture to work from**, but several general idea photos that I put together to come up with this interpretation.

The statue measures just 2" (5cm) high. Carved from Jelutong wood.


  1. Excellent work!

    You must try carving wax someday so you can have metal castings made. Wax is a joy to carve and detail, lots of fun. Then more of us can have your special pieces like this one.

  2. It is beautifully carved and finished!!! The photos are very good!

    Hrmmm.... Have you ever heard that about carving wax before? LOL

  3. Thanx! I would love to play with wax and cast pieces someday....

  4. If that was cast in metal and for sale at a reasonable price (I am poor) I would totally buy one. It really is beautiful.