Tuesday, March 13, 2012

1:12 scale antique duck decoys

I am now carving a series of antique duck decoys in 1:12 scale. Hand carved Jelutong wood, fully feathered. Here is a preview. This is a pintail duck and will be painted.

  I thought that they will nice accent pieces for 1:12 scale rooms- a library or den. The next decoy I am planning will be a mallard, and maybe a swan. Some decoys will show more wear than others.


  1. OMG! This is so beautiful!!! It is just the perfect piece for my future cottage. I HAVE to have one of these! I can just see it on a table. It seems like such a shame to have to paint it, though but I know you must. I am sure it will be GORGEOUS finished.

  2. Maybe on a mantel piece... Oooh I'm excited!

  3. Exquisite! Always love to see your pieces and the incredible detail and love you put into them!

  4. Exquisite, I love them. Rosanna

  5. Increíble! Es hermoso, mucho
    Un abrazo

  6. Thank you friends! More to come---

  7. Fantastic workmanship, the detail is just ... I'm in awe.The delicate and lifelike proportions... everything. Wow! I looked up the jelutang wood but it's doesn't seem to be something thats used much, or widely available here in Europe. At least i've never seen it before. Family of the Oleander it's said. Do you have any particular reason why you've chosen this wood to carve? It seems a bit thready/fibrous? Again, great work! And just an adorable subject; easy to see why Catherine is in love :D

    1. Hi Debora and thanks! Jelutong is very close grained and not thready at all. It is a dream to carve. It sorta chose me! In 1978 I was in a woodcarving club and someone did a demonstration of Chip-Carving using Jelutong. Well I soon discovered this wood was fabulous for carving animals and in fact Basswood was the choice for chip-carving. I've never looked back! Jelutong is my wood of choice for animals.
      Thanks again friends---