Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Antique chip-carved tray

This is a copy of an antique chip-carved tray. I'm guessing the original is well over 100 years old. I carved it out of pear wood. Each one of the tiny squares in the border takes 30 separate cuts. It took at least 25 hours to carve the bottom, not counting drawing the pattern on the wood and putting the piece together.

The tray measures 2" x 1-1/4" That is large enough for it to carry a teapot, 2 cups and saucers and sugar & creamer. However.... when not in use it would look fine displayed as a piece of art, perhaps on a shelf or mantle.

This piece is available on my website
By the way it the first piece created with wood thicknessed on my new sander :)


  1. I am looking at the tray in relation to the pencil and the measurements. I confess my mouth is just hanging open and I am shaking my head.

    I assume every cut you make with a blade has to be at just the perfect depth and angle. This is absolutely beautiful!! WOW!!!

  2. This needs to be purchased by one of the miniature museums!

    It is as fine a miniature carving as I have ever seen anywhere. Right up there with the ivory carvings made in the middle ages that you see in the Louvre.

    You have jumped yourself right up into the top artisan category of miniature making with this new line of items you are now making. I see international miniature shows in your future!

    Pear wood is so awesome, the queen of all woods for carving fine details in.

    Looks like you are going to get a lot of mileage out of that new thickness sander!

  3. Agreed, this piece is truly exceptional, Linda, and you outdo yourself with each successive, exquisite object. The carving is sublimely beautiful.

    I am so proud to have one of your first pieces from this extraordinary line!

    I wonder what magic you will work next?


  4. Es una maravillosa bandeja!!!
    Eres una gran artista.
    Un abrazo

  5. Absolutely wonderful Linda, I agree with every word that the others have already said. I hope you are also thinking about teaching your skills at Castine, I would happily sign up as a student.

  6. es una verdadera maravilla



  7. A truly wonderful carved tray. I love your work!
    Hugs, Drora

  8. Hello Linda,
    Spectacular! It always amazes me how you get detail so small to be so accurate. The detail is fantastic and the finish is just ebautiful. Bravo!
    Big hug,

  9. Hi Linda,
    I'm catching up with some of ya'all been making but this just blew me away!!! I cursed just a minute ago, it's unbelievable. I can only endorse all that's been said here, especially Karin's comment. You've exceeded yourself with this piece. As with any carving you have to be conscious of the shape you're after, but with chip carving you only have ONE shot with it. Each incision has to be right! And with an intricate pattern as this, there are as many pitfalls as there are cuts. But this is flawless, gorgeous and simply AMAZING!

    I'm left in awe....

  10. GORGEOUS! all I have to say. This piece is amazing!
    you are very talented.

  11. Linda, I'm amazed by this fabulous piece of yours (first thought the 1-st picture was to show the original.. :),very well done!

  12. LOVE your new carvings, doll!! Stupendous, as always!!!!!

  13. Thank you everyone, SO much, for taking the time to look and comment :)

  14. Linda, just to let you know a convenient scale reference...

    A 2 cent euro piece is very nearly identical in size (and color) to the USA penny. I could send you one of those coins but as they are so close in appearance it would only confuse the viewers ;). So just tell them the penny you show is the same size as the 2 cent euro.

  15. Dear Linda, you work is an endless source of amazement and inspiration! Wish you a merry and lucky new year, full of joy, happyness and new miniature projects! :) Gott Nytt År från Sverige!

  16. I'm sorry, but this tray KILLS ME!!!!!!! You are THE best, my friend!!