Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The new Time Machine

I was commissioned to make another Time Machine. I have learned and grown a lot, and also purchased some different materials for this adventure, and adventure it was!

Some in progress shots. Here is the box laying on my home made magnet jig. And a little can of Humbrol oil paint. This paint is awesome.

It took months to complete this project. But heck, towards the end, I was snowed in anyhow :)

The little time machine required lots of soldering of tiny hand made parts. Scary! I had much fun turning brass, including my own turned brass pins. 

The box is all hand painted.


on the little lemon tree:

This little guy is definitely not in any hurry to grow up! It's a slow go, but he's working on his second set of leaves.


  1. Your dedication to detail is astounding! I love your time machine as much as I love the old movie.

  2. Hello Linda,
    I am always amazed by your work. The time machine is fantastic. Your skill is incredible! Excellent work!
    Big hug,

  3. Breathtaking work!!! Bravo! Hello, baby tree. :D

  4. You have out done yourself with this one. The painting and finish on the box is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the tufted red velvet interior. The machine is so detailed. Your soldering skills are fantastic. It is so charming I wish I could have seen it in person. The pictures are beautiful but I am sure they can't begin to do this piece justice. ;-))

  5. Amazing and excellent work, Linda, it is incredible what you can conjuring!
    Your skills for the soldering are fantastic, this is so difficult to do in this scale.
    Hello to little lemon tree :D!
    Kind regards, Ilona

  6. WHOA! Unbelievable! Your tiny precision is Awe Inspiring... and Awesome! You are Amazing!
    I hope your Lemon Tree grows well.... I have not had success with them in the North..... too dry I think! Good Luck!

  7. Original and beautiful.
    Bye, Faby

  8. Wow and wow! The first one was wonderful and this one is really breathtaking. The detail is amazing and well you're amazing :-) Good luck little lemon tree. Grow faster :-)


  9. Hey! These pictures are fantastic! Likewise & for the same reasons as you do. To see how your hands & mind work :) And it's some wicked, fun and unusual piece as well. Beautifully made Linda! Whoever receives it picked the right artisan.

    As for your new baby; may it grow slow but steady :) Better that, then to shoot out and die on you :/

  10. J'adore ce genre de création!

  11. I have never seen anything like this..ever. It's amazing. Such detailed and delicate work, how do you do it? :)
    All the best

  12. I loved that film when I was a child! :D Your miniatures are really exquisite!