Sunday, April 22, 2018

Last minute for Chicago

Last minute work for The Chicago International. These are terrible phone pics. I'm thoroughly exhausted, and overwhelmed with everything.....and then there is the show... hahaha! Anyhow didn't bother to use my good camera. This cat is about to jump up. In the scene, there is a fat gray and white male cat up on a crate. This female cat is looking up at him, saying " hey, the baby is yours"!  :) and there sits the little kitten. The mouse is just because.
1:12 scale hand carved, hand painted wood. Then furred. 


  1. Trop mignon cette petite souris ;-)
    Bon séjour à Chicago!

  2. Hello Linda,
    How I wish I was going to Chicago! These are just incredible. Have fun and I hope the show will be a great success.
    Big hug

  3. Seriously adorable. I with Giac, I want to go to Chicago too!

    I know you'll do great, everyone is going to love you.

  4. Their poses are GREAT Linda and that little mouse does't look like he is in any immanent danger either.
    Good Luck with the Chicago Show- and hope that most of your snow has melted out your way, too! :D


  5. I can see the motion the kitties are about to make! The mouse is just adorable! Have fun and much success!