Monday, April 2, 2018


Spring peepers, baseball and......snow...... Here we go again :(
Sure wish this was an April fools joke... 

but it isn't. 

Seems I'm wishing a whole lot of things are just April fools jokes.....

but they're not....


  1. Yeesh! I heard everyone up north was getting hit with snow but I hoped the news was exaggerating.

    1. I was shoveling the steps and if a few seconds later, I would have had an avalanche land on me from the roof haha!

  2. Arrrrggh! Not snow AGAIN???
    In Vancouver Canada, we are getting lots of welcomed sunshine this SPRING however it is still REALLY COLD. Nevertheless, the grass is green and many crocus and daffodils are vigorously in bloom, although it's more comfortable to look at them all from INSIDE the house.
    I hope that YOU are keeping warm Linda, as unfortunately it looks like your snow is going to be there for awhile yet. :(

    1. Everything has started budding out and my daffodils are about spent, everything is coming up, but that does not stop the cruel joke that is this winter....

  3. I saw in the papers you got hit again. I can only imagine how sick you are of it. Surely this has to be the last of it.

  4. Hello Linda,
    Either mother nature has a sick sense of humor, or she's demented...Either way she should be replaced!
    Hang in there, Spring will come...I hope...
    Big hug,

  5. ????? incroyable ! on a vraiment du mal à croire que le printemps c'est maintenant !
    je n 'ai pas lu vos posts depuis longtemps et je découvre plein de nouveautées . j 'ai honte , je n 'ai pas regardé une miniature depuis longtemps . vous avez trouvé le temps de faire beaucoup de chose.
    le petit cochon a ma préférence . vous avez vraiment un don pour leur donner la bonne attitude .
    nous aimons beaucoup les cochons dans notre famille car notre fille NELL quand elle était petite s'était donné un surnom étrange ...
    " NELLNELL le petit cochon sans cervelle " je n'ai jamais su pourquoi . elle a utilisé ce surnom très longtemps et elle continue a craquer pour des peluches toutes roses avec une queue en tire bouchon .

    1. Catherine quel doux commentaire! Merci :) C'est un surnom mignon que votre fille a choisi haha
      Je travaille sur des choses à prendre à Chicago--